jueves, 29 de marzo de 2012

Archaeological tour of Gozo

Dolmen in Ta’ Ċenċ

... We started from Marżiena Temple as we wanted to visit some people at Manresa Retreat House in Munxar. After taking a hot cup of coffee with some friends there, we turned left into Windmill Street...

Petersfield. Mysteries of Heath barrows are about to be revealed...

PETERSFIELD Heath is set to become the focus of a high tech archaeological dig.

The 21 Bronze Age burial barrows on the heath are “unique” say experts and should be painstakingly investigated. Once that is done, the next step could be a careful excavation of some.

Although still under discussion, the proposal is gaining momentum, says West Sussex Archaeology expert George Anallay.

He said: “Petersfield Town Council ground committee has recommmended when the full council meets in April it should support this project.

“If it does then we will arrange a meeting with groups like the Friends of Petersfield Heath, English Heritage, the national park authority and other interested parties to discuss the project in depth.”

They have agreed to back the project in principle, pending a council decision.

One enthusiastic supporter is Petersfield Museum acting curator Victoria Guest. She said: “The barrows haven’t been properly studied, surveyed and excavated.

“They are thought to be unique in Great Britian, in number and layout, and should be properly documented and recorded. They were inexpertly excavated many years ago, but with the advances in modern surveying technology we could learn an immense amount from them now.”