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The Return of the Lion Man

... History, Myth, Magic
Exhibition at the Ulmer Museum
November 15, 2013 to June 9, 2014

The State Office for the Protection of Monuments has recently conducted research in the Stadel cave in the Lonetal valley cliffs at Hohlenstein, and in 2009 a team of archeologists led by Prof. Dr. Claus-Joachim Kind surprisingly managed to locate the place where the Lion Man was originally found. Subsequent excavations from 2010 led to the discovery of further important fragments of this statuette. They had been left in the cave at the time of the first excavations, which had been discontinued at the end of August 1939 due to the outbreak of World War Two. This was thus the first time that archeological researchers have managed to find new fragments of a well-known sculpture from the Early Stone Age. These fragments have made it possible to reconstruct this unique artwork almost in its entirety. The Ulm Museum will mark the occasion of the return of the Lion Man by presenting this fascinating Ice Age artwork at the center of unique exhibition. We will shed light on the mysterious and exciting story of the statue's discovery and research, and also on the use of today's high technology in Ice Age archeology. ulm.de

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Video: The Return of the Lion Man

The return of the LION MAN from uwe krüger on Vimeo.